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Our Services

Energy Audits and Power Quality Analysis: Conducting Safety Audit, Energy Audit and providing solutions for implementation of “Green Building Concept” to reduce the energy cost and risk on any hazards to your building need. We have very widely experienced group of engineers and power quality experts, we identify the cause of the problem, design and implement ways and means of minimizing the losses, improving the power quality and achieving energy saving, as per BEE standards. You can know your electrical safety measures, energy consumption pattern, waste of energy, possibility of energy savings and project cost with its payback calculation.

Renewable Energy Projects: Turnkey Consultancy Services on Renewable Energy projects/ Solutions like energy conversion to solar, biogas, biomass energy for Industries, Institutions, Offices, and Commercial Units.

Energy Saving Products: Authorized Distributor and Technology Implementer for different Energy Saving Equipments. Along with energy audits we also offer services for proper implementation of Energy Conservation measures recommended by us through the energy audits and offer you a Complete Spectrum of Energy Saving Solution with a Demonstration of EXACT PERCENTAGE OF SAVING AND PAY BACK PERIOD. We also implement energy efficiency measures on Performance contracting mode.

Training on Energy: Conducting Training Program on (i) Energy Conservation & Audit (ii) Energy Management (iii) Energy Efficient O&M of Electrical Systems (iv) Renewable Energy

Our Solutions
  1. Energy Efficiency in Street lighting
  2. Energy Efficiency for Indoor lighting
  3. Energy Efficiency for HVAC (Window, Split, Package & Central)
  4. Improvement of Power quality, Power factor and Earthing system
  5. Fuel efficiency in Commercial Cooking in Canteen, Hostel, Mess, and Hotels & Restaurants
  6. Energy Efficiency in Hot Water generation through Heat Pump Technology & Solar Systems
  7. Energy Conversion by Biogas from Kitchen Waste
  8. Solar Power Generation
  9. Application of different innovative technology and automations
  10. A “Green Building”
We deal in the following Products and Services:
  • Energy Saving Equipments for AC (Window/Split/Duct able), Lightings, Pumps, Motors
  • Energy Saving Equipments for D.G. Sets
  • Automatic Controllers for Lights, AC, Pumps and any machines
  • Energy Efficient LED Lights and Fans
  • Solar Water Heaters, Solar LED Lights
  • Heat Pump for Hot Water generation
  • Earth Leakage Relay, ELCB
  • Motor Starters and Protection Systems etc…
  • APFC and Panels, Maximum Demand Controller Panels
  • Harmonic Filters, Power Capacitors
  • Earthing Electrodes, Lightning Protection System
  • Electronic Timers, Sequential Timers, Time Switch
  • Fuel Emulsification system for Boiler, Furnace etc.
  • Portable Biogas Plant for Kitchen and Vegetable Waste
  • Energy Audit & Energy Conservation
  • Electrical Safety Audit
  • Consultancy and installation of Solar Power Pack and Biogas Plant
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